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Football Classes for Children Focused on Fun

At Soccer Stars Academy in Sunderland, your little ones can enjoy all of the fun that football has to offer without the competitive edge of a club or league games. We offer fun kids football classes in Sunderland for children aged 18 months to 9 years old. 

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Whether your child is as young as 18 months or as old as 9 years, our coaches are here to welcome them to our fun children’s and toddler football classes in Sunderland. Join our friendly weekly sports sessions throughout the year, even during school holidays, and let them reap the benefits of learning through sport and play. 

Signing up is easy. Book our kids football classes in three quick steps. 

Step 1: Find a venue

We offer kids football training across Sunderland. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you.

Step 2: Pick a class

Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Step 3: Sign up

Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks. Sign-up here.

Find your nearest location

Soccer Stars Academy Hendon

Address: The Raich Carter Sports Centre, Commercial Rd, Hendon, Sunderland

Postcode: SR2 8PD

Phone Number: 07594 726134

Soccer Stars Academy Sunderland

Address: Goals, Sunderland College, Durham Road, Sunderland

Postcode: SR3 4AG

Phone Number: 07594 726134

A Fun Programme For All

Our Classes

Choose a Class for Your Children

18 months - 3 years

Twinkle Stars

These classes are fun and interactive for both parents and children and are designed to help kids develop social and motor skills and help them move onto more active independent interaction.

3 - 4 years

Bright Stars

These classes are designed with the philosophy of being FUN. In these classes, our aim is to develop basic football skills. We also aim to develop confidence and cognitive skills such as attention and memory.

5 - 6 years

Shooting Stars
Our kids football training classes are designed with skill acquisition in mind. We aim to advance football skills such as shooting technique, dribbling, ball control, passing and tackling.

7 - 9 years

Super Stars

These classes are designed to further develop the skills learned previously. We introduce complex skills to beat players, develop game awareness, understand positions and spatial reaction.


What our parents say about us

My son has been attending the class for around 18 months and it has been amazing watching him grow in confidence and develop his skills. The coaches are enthusiastic and very patient and my son loves going each Saturday. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun football class for their child.

Alyson B

From the moment our little one went to the class the instructors have been friendly, approachable and passionate about what they do. Another great point is they always remember the kids names despite the amount of kids they must work with.

Darren Miller

The coaches are fantastic. I started my little boy when he was 3 years old and he absolutely loves it. They're patient and make sure every child attending is looked after and fully involved in all the games and exercises.

Nicky Glenn


Football Sessions for Boys & Girls

Our sessions for football training in Sunderland are open to children of all abilities, from children aged between 18 months to 9 years old. At our Sunderland venue, we provide football sessions tailored to 4 different age groups.

Benefits of Our Football Classes

The advantages of learning a sport at a young age are plentiful, and we are invested in developing these in each child who joins our classes. There are many benefits and life lessons your little ones can apply in other aspects of life as well.

The games we have designed for our weekly classes teach kids and young people the benefits of being a team player and how to play fair while also promoting cooperation, togetherness, respect for their opponents and a friendly atmosphere. They also teach kids that sports can be fun.

As a leading kids football academy in Scotland and the UK, the football training session at Soccer Stars Academy has been carefully created with children in mind by experienced coaches who understand the unique needs of children.

Sessions are 45 minutes each and consist of activities that focus on ball work and in-game situations while social and teamwork skills are being developed.

Qualified Coaches & Staff

Nationwide, the coaches at Soccer Stars Academy are knowledgeable, passionate, qualified, and well-versed in kids’ soccer. Our kids football teams in Sunderland, is certainly no different.

Under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, kids master various shooting, ball control, passing, dribbling and tackling techniques. They also teach more complex skills that are vital for football and sports development in general.

As with all toddler and kids football clubs, our football Academy in Sunderland teaches your children to make quick decisions and effectively control the ball.

Your soccer star can learn several football skills through our coaching sessions, including how to dribble evasively, perform different kinds of kicks, and kick the ball accurately in a specific direction.

Each sport training session at our football club is restricted to a maximum of 16 children. This way, every player’s strengths and skills can be assessed individually, and our coaches can work with them to further develop their skills.

This approach ensures that your child gets the guidance they need to become a good player.

Through our classes, children will come to understand what their bodies are capable of. We aim to show kids how consistent effort can improve athletic performance and their body’s response to specific sporting activities and physical movements.

Whether at the toddler stage or thereafter, each class has been well thought out to cater to your child’s abilities and skills at that stage of their life.

Our classes for toddlers and kids football in Sunderland, help to develop sound ball skills while teaching your child valuable sports concepts, like the importance of abiding by the rules and fair play.

As far as toddler and kids football clubs in Sunderland go, Soccer Stars Academy is certainly one of the best, if not the best, for your little soccer star. 

Soccer Stars Academy Football
Developing Social Skills
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Energetic & Fun
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

Bring On The Birthday Fun!

Football, Fun and Friends

Soccer Stars Academy‘s football birthday parties for children have everything that your footie mad child could want!

Designed for maximum entertainment, Soccer Stars Academy football birthday parties are an enjoyable and fun-packed footballing experience for the birthday child and their friends and guests.

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