Fun Football Classes
for 2 Year Olds

Soccer Stars Academy is your trusted provider of fun football classes for 2 year olds. We offer weekly football for 2 year old children at various venues across Scotland and England.

Our weekly programme allows children to learn through play and gives them a positive introduction to the beautiful game from a young age.

The Soccer Stars Academy Ethos

Our football classes for kids, regardless of the age group, are based on our FRIENDS acronym to ensure maximum effectiveness and enjoyability:

  • Fun

  • Rewarding

  • Inclusive

  • Educating

  • Nurturing

  • Developing

  • Skill Progression

Sign your little ones up for our football classes for 2 year old children and see how sport can help them grow and flourish.

Why Soccer Stars Academy Signup

Twinkle Stars — The Perfect Start

If you’re looking for fun football training for 2 year olds, Twinkle Stars is the answer! As the first of four age groups in our development pathway, the Twinkle Stars age group is open to all children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years.

The games and activities in this toddler class are age-appropriate. Each class is designed with the capabilities, focus and energy levels of such young children in mind, with the aim to use sport and play to help develop fundamental motor, cognitive, and social skills.

Each age group has a set of milestone skills in its curriculum for the children to learn before moving on to the next group. For Twinkle Stars, these are:

• Confidence
• Attention
• Cognitive skills
• Motor skills
• Football skills
• Can follow a 1-step instruction

Join Soccer Stars Academy for a football club for 2 year old children focused on fun!

Benefits of Football Lessons for 2 Year Olds

2 years old is a great age to start with light sports. Our football classes aim to help with the various stages of child development at this age, with a special focus on helping toddlers build on their independence, confidence, and social skills.

Parents can expect interactive and age-appropriate football classes for their toddlers with the Twinkle Stars age group, along with the following foundational benefits:

Fun Football — The Soccer Stars Academy Way

We are not like any other kids sports club — Soccer Stars Academy is an award-winning football activity provider for toddlers and young children with football classes that focus on building life skills that can be used on and off the field.

So if you’re looking for more than just a new physical activity for your little one, choose Soccer Stars Academy’s football classes for kids.

This is what parents and 2 year olds can expect when joining the Soccer Stars Academy family:

We believe that young children learn best through play, which is why we have created a fun environment where they can develop at their own pace, without the pressures of a competitive sports club.

In our classes, we ensure the activities and games are fun for everyone, that kids are free to be themselves, and that they can learn how to be a good sport as part of a fun and friendly team.

Learning can only be as good as the level of teaching, and at Soccer Stars Academy’s football classes for kids, you can rest assured that your child will receive high-quality coaching from enthusiastic sports coaches who have your little one’s best interests at heart.

Our coaching staff is made up of qualified and experienced primary teachers, ex-footballers, and football coaches who are passionate about football and early childhood development.

Every child can be the next soccer star at Soccer Stars Academy. Our kids football academy is inclusive to all levels and capabilities, with over 2000 kids attending our football classes every week. We welcome girls and boys of all ages from 18 months to 9 years old.

Across our four age groups, we aim to develop young players to be their happiest and best selves. Will your child be our newest Twinkle Star?

We have found the perfect balance for encouraging teamwork and individual growth. Our classes host a maximum of 16 children, which means your child will receive the attention they need in order to grow and develop their strengths.

In the Twinkle Stars classes, we also request participation from parents, so you can rest assured that your little one will feel comfortable and secure as they learn through play at the start of their footballing journey.

Locations Near You

Soccer Stars Academy is the UK’s fastest growing children’s football activity provider. Our football classes for kids are open to young boys and girls from as young as 18 months old and we have venues throughout the UK, including Scotland, England and Wales.

Find a club near you to get your 2 year old signed up for fun football classes today.

Soccer Stars Academy Football
Developing Social Skills
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Energetic & Fun
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

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Parents looking for a fun introduction to sports for their children need look no further than Soccer Stars Academy’s Twinkle Stars football classes!

Soccer Stars Academy was started by former professional footballer Mark Molloy and his wife Siobhan when they couldn’t find a suitable sports training club for their little boy — so they started their own club, combining the high-quality coaching of competitive clubs with a fun and friendly approach that would help their son grow and feel confident.

Since then, parents and little ones alike have been enjoying our weekly classes.

Read our reviews to see what they say about our academy.

Sign up for kids football classes with Soccer Stars Academy in 3 easy steps:

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We offer football classes for toddlers across Scotland and England. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you on the map.

Football Clubs For Kids

Step 2 Pick a class

Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Football Clubs For Kids

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Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks at £29 per block. Sign-up here.

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