Fun Football Classes
for 5 Year Olds

Soccer Stars Academy is an award winning children’s football activity provider focused on offering kids an exciting footballing experience without the pressure and competitiveness of club football.

Our football classes for 5 year olds run every week and are open to boys and girls of all skill levels and sporting abilities. With each class, we focus on helping our young players build their confidence and football skills in a fun and pressure-free environment that prioritises fun over competition.

Our Ethos

Our football classes are built around our FRIENDS acronym:

  • Fun

  • Rewarding

  • Inclusive

  • Educating

  • Nurturing

  • Developing

  • Skill Progression

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Why Soccer Stars Academy Signup

Shooting Stars — Development Through Play

The Shooting Stars age group is for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. These classes build on the fundamental skills that were learned in our previous toddler age groups. These football classes for kids are the next step in our developmental pathway, focusing on advancing your child’s football techniques according to our academy milestones.


Our Shooting Stars football classes for kids are created with the intention of developing a certain set of skills that will prepare our little football players for the next age group. These skills are:

• Confidence
• Attention
• Spatial Awareness
• Ball Control
• Dribbling
• Shooting
• Tackling
• Game Play
• Football Skills

In these football training classes, children are encouraged to show their football talents in various game situations, such as 1v1, 2v2, and small sided-games. This helps the young footballers build their confidence and practise their skills in an interactive and safe environment.

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Benefits of Football Lessons for 5 Year Olds

The purpose of our kids football classes is to help your little ones find joy in sports and exercise and ignite a passion for football in them. That’s why our football programme places emphasis on your child’s holistic growth.

These are some of the benefits parents can expect from our weekly football for under 5s:

What to Expect from Our Classes

Soccer Stars Academy’s coaching sessions aim to help our young footballers grow their skills both on and off the field. We believe that the focus shouldn’t just be on scoring goals and competition, but also on allowing children to have fun and grow at their own pace.

This is what parents can expect from our classes every week:

We believe in creating a nurturing and safe environment that is fun and pressure-free for all of our young football players. Our coaching team will encourage and support your children as they develop their football skills and self-esteem through play.

Our coaching sessions are run by a team of energetic and engaging coaches who are passionate about your child’s progress and guiding them in their development journey. Our team is made up of primary school teachers, football coaches, ex-football players, and individuals with coaching qualifications and experience working with young children.

Our weekly training classes are kept small, allowing your child to develop at their own pace. This individual approach also makes your child feel more comfortable, and allows them to build proper friendships with their teammates and coaches.

With a maximum of 16 kids per class, our football training classes are designed to foster an inclusive environment in which our coaches can give each child the support they need to grow.

Holiday Camps & Birthday Parties

The football fun doesn’t have to end after our weekly kids football classes.

• Our football-themed summer and Easter camps will help keep your children active, outdoors, and entertained during the holidays.

• Our football birthday parties are enjoyable for kids and parents, with party activities designed to make your little footballer feel as special as can be.

Find your Nearest Venue

We have venues across the country with over 2000 young boys and girls attending our weekly football classes for kids.

As the UK’s fastest-growing children’s football activity provider, we have an expanding network with new Soccer Star Academy locations set to open across the UK. Follow our social media pages to find out when new venues open.

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Soccer Stars Academy Football
Developing Social Skills
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Energetic & Fun
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

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At Soccer Stars Academy, we put growth and enjoyment above scoring goals and winning. Our passion is help your child be the best version of themselves using sports, interactive games, and hands-on coaching.

Our goal is that, through the exciting classes at our kids football academy, your child will learn to express themselves, gain confidence, and grow their love for sports while having fun and making friends.

Read our reviews to see what they say about our academy.

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Football Clubs For Kids

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We offer football classes for toddlers across Scotland and England. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you on the map.

Football Clubs For Kids

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Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Football Clubs For Kids

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