Football Classes
for 6 Year Olds

If you’re looking for fun football for 6 year olds, look no further than Soccer Stars Academy — an award-winning children’s football activity provider that puts your kids first.

Soccer Stars Academy aims to teach kids the beautiful game in a competitive free environment that focuses on having fun and making friends. Our experienced coaches encourage growth on and off the field by teaching important football and life skills such as team work, decision making, and perseverance.

Thousands of eager young boys and girls attend our football classes for children every week across the UK and we can’t wait to welcome your child to our kids football academy!

The Soccer Stars Academy Ethos

Our football academy is built around a love of the beautiful game and a passion for helping young children become their best, most confident selves. on and off the field. That’s why all of our kids football classes and games are based on the FRIENDS acronym:

  • Fun
  • Rewarding
  • Inclusive
  • Educating
  • Nurturing
  • Developing
  • Skill Progression

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Why Soccer Stars Academy Signup

Our Shooting Stars Class

We offer football classes for four age groups and the Shooting Stars is the third class in this developmental pathway.

These classes are for the 5 and 6 year age range. At this stage, we assess how each child has progressed through our previous classes and what their skill level is so we can help them to achieve the following milestones:

• Confidence
• Attention
• Spatial Awareness
• Ball Control
• Dribbling
• Shooting
• Tackling
• Game Play
• Football Skills

As these milestones help our young players learn through fun games and activities, you’ll see them grow and thrive from week to week.

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Benefits of Football Lessons for 6 Year Olds

At 6 years old, your little ones are not just full of energy but also ever-ready to absorb information and learn about the world. As they pass through our kids football classes, they will learn important football skills and life skills that will help them thrive in both school and social settings.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect for your child when you join our kids football academy:

Learning Through Play:
The Soccer Stars Academy Way

When looking for football clubs for 6 year olds, parents often struggle to find the right balance between good quality football training and an environment that is not too serious and high-pressure for their young children. This is where our football academy comes in!

Soccer Stars Academy puts young players and their enjoyment above all else, while never compromising on the quality of our training.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this perfect balance in our classes:

We have created a safe environment where young girls and boys of all abilities can be themselves, grow and — most importantly — have fun.

We use exciting games and activities to keep our young footballers engaged while ensuring that they are perfectly placed to learn the beautiful game and all its nuances. You can rest assured that your little one is going to have a ball at our football training sessions and they will be absolutely buzzing to come back every week!

Our football training for 6 year olds is taught by professionally trained coaches who are passionate about early childhood development and have the best interests of your child at heart. This team includes ex-footballers and primary and physical education teachers.

Our coaches find joy in working with children and infusing a love for football in them. They take the time to support and encourage the kids, using educational play, thrilling games, and engaging activities to support their football development.

Our football training sessions have a maximum of 16 kids per class, which allows us to give each child the individual attention they need to progress at their own pace.

We coach the basics of the game, improve ball control and football skills, and give them the tools to build on more complex skills from a young age — leading to effortless playing and on-the-spot decision-making that will help them join a competitive club if they go this route.

Locations Throughout the UK

We are one of the fastest-growing children’s football activity providers for children aged 18 months to 9 years old, with new locations opening in Scotland and England constantly.

Find your nearest venue in the UK and let your child discover the beautiful game through play!

Soccer Stars Academy Football
Developing Social Skills
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Energetic & Fun
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

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For fun football for 6 year olds that puts your kids’ development and enjoyment first, choose Soccer Stars Academy.

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Football Clubs For Kids

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We offer football classes for toddlers across Scotland and England. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you on the map.

Football Clubs For Kids

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Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Football Clubs For Kids

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