FUn football Classes
for 7 Year Olds

Our fun football classes for 7 year olds are one of the best ways to give your child a healthy and enjoyable introduction to sports while helping them become a confident young football player. Soccer Stars Academy is an award winning children’s football activity provider that hosts weekly football classes for boys and girls throughout the UK.

We believe that children learn best through playing, which is why our programme is designed to teach kids the beautiful game through play. Our kids football classes will teach your child football skills and help them develop holistically, all while encouraging fun and socialising.

Our Ethos

Soccer Stars Academy is run on the principles outlined in our FRIENDS acronym. Each of our football coaching sessions for kids maintains a focus on the following aspects:

  • Fun

  • Rewarding

  • Inclusive

  • Educating

  • Nurturing

  • Developing

  • Skill Progression

Let your child discover this exciting team sport and watch as they develop into happy and healthy young footballers with our weekly training.

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Why Soccer Stars Academy Signup

Super Stars — Getting Ready for Takeoff

We offer children’s football classes in four age groups (18 months to 3 years; 3 years to 4 years; 5 years to 6 years; 7 to 9 years). Our Super Stars class is curated for players between the ages of 7 and 9 years and is the final age group in our development pathway.

As the children pass through these classes, we help them achieve the milestones set out for each specific group.

The milestones that drive our Super Stars sessions are:

• Etiquette
• Co-operation
• Spatial Awareness
• Game Play
• Football skills

Having built on the skills from the previous classes, this group will add more complex techniques to the fundamentals of passing, shooting, dribbling and tackling. We will also teach them skills to beat other players, all while maintaining a friendly and fun environment.

The Super Stars football classes for kids will also introduce more advanced aspects of the game, such as positioning, team tactics, fair play, and sportsmanship. These skills will prepare the young players to eventually join a more competitive football academy or club after graduating from Soccer Stars Academy — if they want to go that route.

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Benefits of Football Lessons for 7 Year Olds

A kids football academy like Soccer Stars Academy can play a big role in the overall development of children because of the many benefits physical activity and playing team sports can have on a developing child.

When parents send their little ones to our football academy for kids, they notice the benefits of these weekly sessions on their child(ren) within just a few weeks. These are some of the benefits you can expect when you sign your child up to our football academy.

Read our reviews to see what other parents are saying about our academy.

A Kids Football Academy with a Difference

Finding a kids football academy for 7 year olds that doesn’t put too much pressure on the young players is not easy. It was this that motivated Soccer Stars Academy’s founders Mark and Siobhan Molloy to establish a fun football academy unlike any other.

This is what sets our football classes for kids apart from the rest:

There are many football clubs for 7 year olds throughout the country, but if you’re looking for a safe space where your children can grow at their own pace and be encouraged and empowered through sport, we are the choice for you and your family.

At Soccer Stars Academy, we ensure an element of fun in all of our children’s football classes by creating an environment centred around learning and building confidence, football skills, and friendships.

The coaches at Soccer Stars Academy have a strong passion for football and sharing the magic of this incredible sport with young players.

Our coaches also have backgrounds in a range of related fields, such as professional football, nursery and primary school teaching, and football training. Together, our experienced coaching staff creates a friendly environment where children of all abilities can focus on developing their football skills while having fun and making friends.

While our kids football academy promises heaps of fun and opportunities for boys and girls to build their social skills and confidence, we never compromise on the quality of our kids football training. We have developed a programme that ensures the young players learn all the necessary skills to prepare them for a match situation.

We coach the children on foundational ball skills like passing, shooting, dribbling and ball control, as well as advanced techniques for effortless ball mastery which helps each child hone their unique talents on the field.

Find A Soccer Stars Academy Venue Near You

Soccer Stars Academy is the UK’s fastest growing football class provider for children, with locations across the country. We also host football themed birthday parties and holiday football camps for kids in Glasgow and other locations in Scotland and England.

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Soccer Stars Academy prides itself on being able to teach children both ball skills and life skills, all through the beautiful game that is football. From week to week, parents will get to watch their little ones develop into happy and healthy football players and humans, so get the ball rolling on your child’s football journey by signing up in 3 simple steps.

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