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Team sports are an excellent way for children to learn through play. Soccer Stars Academy offers kids football classes in Runcorn as a way to help little ones develop their social and motor skills and get excited about sports. Through weekly classes, girls and boys of all abilities can enjoy fun-focussed football training sessions in a safe environment.

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Our award-winning soccer classes for children in Runcorn help young kids of any ability get outside, have fun and enjoy the benefits of soccer and the community.

Join us today. Book our kids football classes in three easy steps.

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We offer kids football training across Runcorn. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you.

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Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

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Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks. Sign-up here.

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We put the fun in fundamentals! Over 2,000 toddlers and young people in Runcorn and across the UK enjoy our Soccer Stars Academy football sessions each week.

Soccer Stars Academy Runcorn

Address: Sandymoor Ormiston Academy, Wharford Lane, Runcorn

Postcode: WA7 1QU

Phone Number: 07398 810492

Soccer Stars Academy Runcorn West

Address: The Heath School, Clifton Road, Runcorn

Postcode: WA7 4SZ

Phone Number: 07398 810492

A Fun Programme For All

Our Classes

Choose a Class for Your Children

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18 months - 3 years

Twinkle Stars

These classes are fun and interactive for both parents and children and are designed to help kids develop social and motor skills and help them move onto more active independent interaction.

3 - 4 years

Bright Stars

These classes are designed with the philosophy of being FUN. In these classes, our aim is to develop basic football skills. We also aim to develop confidence and cognitive skills such as attention and memory.

5 - 6 years

Shooting Stars
Our kids football training classes are designed with skill acquisition in mind. We aim to advance football skills such as shooting technique, dribbling, ball control, passing and tackling.

7 - 9 years

Super Stars

These classes are designed to further develop the skills learned previously. We introduce complex skills to beat players, develop game awareness, understand positions and spatial reaction.


What our parents say about us

Soccer stars is a great football club for little kids my son loves going every Sunday at the co-op academy he asks all week is it football time yet. Kieran the coach is brilliant with the kids can’t fault him he keeps them all going and they all listen well to him would highly recommend.

Jon Ellison

Really enjoy taking my 18 month old to Football. It’s the highlight of our week when we can go, he loves it too. Keeping awake on the way home is the hard bit because he’s spent so much energy! The sessions are well structured, the activities are kept short and fun to keep their attention. The focus is not just on the physical side as they have activities which encourage sharing as well. Jude loves it and so do I.

Josh Slade

Great sessions, we recently started taking our 1yr old daughter and she loves it. It’s so much more than soccer, it’s listening to instruction, hand eye co-ordination, colour matching, also working with them as a parent and child team and so much more. Definitely recommend.

Lucianne Quinn


Football Coaching Sessions for Boys and Girls

Soccer Stars Academy is an award-winning program that allows young children to learn, play and love football. Our tailored sessions are developed to help children grow; that’s why we have structured lesson plans that cater to specific age groups.

Benefits of Our Football Classes

There are several benefits to joining Soccer Stars Academy. With a focus on providing pressure-free training sessions in a welcoming environment, our lessons aim to provide your little ones with a positive introduction to sports that will help them both on and off the field.

From the first session to their final class, your little ones can enjoy the company of other kids from their local community to improve their social skills. Games are designed to encourage teamwork, respect and fair play, while also ensuring non-stop fun while learning.

Our mission is to teach little ones that sports can be fun, but also that cooperation with each other is a fundamental skill that they’ll carry throughout their lives.

Soccer Stars Academy is an award-winning soccer school for a reason. Our coaches are all qualified to work with children in a safe and engaging manner. From school teachers and ex-professional football players, each coach is knowledgeable in the sport and child development.

Our sessions are 45 minutes long and are designed to be age-appropriate to improve your child’s well-being, physically, emotionally and mentally at their developmental stage.

We provide a slow but positive introduction to football skills. Through carefully planned games, children learn to aim, kick, and run while controlling the ball and also learn to make quick decisions on the field.

As your kids develop and get older, we’ll help them further improve their personal skills and strengths while introducing the fundamental concepts of gameplay.

Soccer Stars Academy is not just a soccer school, we’re a place where boys and girls grow. Physical developments such as fitness, co-ordination and ball skills are complemented with interpersonal growth such as teamwork and fair play.

Our football for kids in Runcorn provides a stress-free environment for all of our students to allow them the freedom to express themselves and learn in a relaxed setting.

We keep our soccer classes for kids in Runcorn small so that we can give every child the attention they deserve. In doing so, each child can receive personalised teaching to enhance their strengths.

Our coaches meet your children where they are in their developmental journey, helping them develop without the pressure to perform competitively.

Soccer Stars Academy excels in making sports enjoyable, encouraging young ones to emerge from their shell and remain active.

Our smaller class sizes guarantee that each child feels secure and comfortable throughout their development. We encourage parents to participate in our Twinkle Stars classes to help their little son or daughter feel comfortable and more confident as they start to learn about this incredible sport.

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Encouraging Development

Bring On The Birthday Fun!

Football, Fun and Friends

Soccer Stars Academy‘s football birthday parties for children have everything that your footie mad child could want!

Designed for maximum entertainment, Soccer Stars Academy football birthday parties are an enjoyable and fun-packed footballing experience for the birthday child and their friends and guests.

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Get your kids ready to learn this wonderful sport in an exciting environment by signing them up for their first session. Soccer Stars Academy in Runcorn is the place for little ones to learn through play and enjoy the beautiful sport.

It’s easy to join our exciting club! Sign up for our cost-effective and award-winning kids football classes in Runcorn.

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