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Fun & Friendly Weekly Football Classes for Children

If you’re looking for kids’ football in London that puts the focus on fun above all else, then Soccer Stars Academy is the way to go!

At our weekend football classes, we create a friendly and safe environment that encourages young boys & girls to get active, learn through play, and grow at their own pace.

Our football curriculum is based on the FRIENDS acronym, and every sports training session is set to embody these principles:

  • F – Fun

  • R – Rewarding

  • I – Inclusive

  • E – Energetic

  • N – Nurturing

  • D – Develops confidence

  • S – Skills progression

Over 2000 boys and girls attend our award-winning football classes throughout term time and school holidays. Read some of the reviews we have received from happy parents.

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Kids Football Training

Soccer Stars Academy: London Locations

Browse our venues and find the location nearest to you for fun kids & toddler football in London. Your child could be part of a kids’ football team as soon as next week!

Soccer Stars Academy Shepherd's Bush

Address: Phoenix Academy, The Curve, London

Postcode: W12 0RQ

Phone Number: 07990020222

Kids Football Coaching for All Age Groups & Abilities

We believe the beautiful game should have no limits. That’s why we offer kids football classes for enthusiastic boys and girls from as young as 18 months old.

Our football classes for kids are divided into four age groups. The activities and training style for each age group matches the attention span and physicality of the children in the classes, all while teaching them essential skills through playing football.

Benefits of Our Football Classes for Kids in London

The benefits a child can reap from weekly football coaching are endless!

Parents of boys and girls at Soccer Stars Academy London have seen how our football classes have done wonders for their child’s confidence and all-around development on and off the field.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when signing your children up for our kids’ football classes in London.

Sports improves physicality and fitness, but what makes our football classes different is that we focus on holistic child development. With this in mind, we have created a milestone development pathway with age-appropriate training objectives.

Fun and self-esteem trump competition at our kids’ football club in London. We aim to develop each child’s confidence, cognitive skills, imagination, resilience, attitude and ability to collaborate just as much as we train them in football skills.

Soccer Stars Academy’s football classes for children are a wonderful way for boys and girls to make new friends who share their interests. Toddlers and children learn social skills from a young age — and the parents get to be a part of it all too!

Each football training session at Soccer Stars Academy London promotes joint participation, cooperation, togetherness and respect for other children — teammates and opponents.

The boys and girls learn the benefits of being team players in a friendly atmosphere. They also learn how to be a good sport, play fair, and make an impact on their team.

From our youngest group to our oldest, the football training sessions at Soccer Stars Academy London have been designed to ensure your children are receiving high-quality football coaching that meets their needs and focuses on the fun side of football.

Our coaching teams are made up of ex-professional footballers (like our founder, Mark Molloy) and experienced physical education teachers, primary school teachers, and trainers with sports coaching degrees. Our football coaches are all SFA qualified, DBS checked, and first-aid trained.

Our football classes for kids teach the fundamentals of the sport, including dribbling evasively, tackling safely, and kicking the ball accurately with the right power and weight.

Along with this, our football coaches also focus on teaching the correct techniques in all areas of football — from which part of the foot to use when passing and shooting to how to control the ball effortlessly when receiving a pass.

Each kid’s football training class is restricted to a maximum of 16 children so our coaches can monitor each child’s progress as the weeks go by, assessing their skills and strengths to help them shine and working on their weaknesses to improve their capabilities.

We welcome all boys and girls at Soccer Stars Academy London, regardless of their skill level when it comes to sports and football.

Our coaches take into account the individual needs of every toddler and child so that they can meet them at their level, assist them in overcoming their challenges, and celebrate their progress and accomplishments from session to session.

Our football classes make physical activity fun!

We are putting the ‘play’ in playing football by giving children a chance to develop their physical movements, coordination, balance and general health through sport.

With regular sessions at our club venues, kids begin to gain an understanding of how their body works and how they can improve their athletic performance over time with extra effort.

Including this degree of physical exercise in your child’s weekly routine will build healthy bones & bodies and improve blood circulation, sleeping habits, appetite, and overall immunity.

Our low-pressure football coaching style allows our players to develop their sports and football skills at an organic and enjoyable pace. Once the various football techniques are learned, our coaches help the boys and girls to apply their skills in games.

Our football classes show them how to use their skills in context, make on-the-spot decisions, and abide by the rules of football.

Through regular sessions, the children find that they are able to add new skills to their repertoire more naturally. 

Many clubs in London and the rest of the UK focus on the competitive nature of the sport, building players to eventually join a professional club. This makes it difficult to find toddler-friendly sports training clubs. Children thrive at Soccer Stars Academy London because we have curated a welcoming and friendly environment focused on fun and learning through play.

At Soccer Stars Academy London, we understand the need for fun when kids are learning and the difference caring and nurturing can make in their sports learning experience.

In taking away the competitive edge often associated with club football, our football training classes give every child a chance to enjoy sports without any pressure to perform their best.

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Developing Social Skills
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Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
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Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

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You can kit your little one out in comfy active clothing or buy a set from your chosen Soccer Stars Academy club for only £20.

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