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Football Classes for Kids in Carlisle

Soccer Stars Academy (SSA) offers football classes throughout the United Kingdom, including kids football in Carlisle, to children between 18 months and 9 years old. At Soccer Stars Academy Carlisle, we focus on each stage of development in your little one’s childhood.

Our sports programme for toddlers & children helps them engage and participate with teammates, gives them a space to develop, and most importantly, encourages FUN.

With fun as our focus, we present an enriching experience to each young player that joins a class at one of our academy’s sports venues.

Each team and class is inclusive to all children and is led and supported by our friendly coaches. When your child joins our academy, you can expect them to enter into an energetic and nurturing environment that means they will always have a good time!

Without any pressure, we help children develop self-confidence. We offer a safe space where kids can interact with others through sport, develop social skills and make friends.

Kids Football Training

Find Your Nearest Sports Venue

Our football classes for kids and toddlers in Carlisle run every week at multiple venues.

View our weekly sports class schedule at each club to find the times that work for you and your children. When it comes to football for kids in Carlisle, we aim to be as accessible as possible.

Choose Soccer Stars Academy for kids & toddler football classes in Carlisle

Soccer Stars Academy Carlisle

Address: Botcherby Community Centre Victoria Road Carlisle

Postcode: CA1 2UE

Phone Number: 07972339970

Soccer Stars Academy Currock

Address: St Margaret Mary Primary School Kirklands Road Currock

Postcode: CA2 4JD

Phone Number: 07594726134

Soccer Stars Academy Yewdale

Address: Yewdale Community Centre Hutton Way Yewdale

Postcode: CA2 7TH

Phone Number: 07972339970

Fun Football Classes by Age Group

Our inclusive football classes for toddlers and children are run by coaches who develop curriculums based on the different ages in each group. We understand what each age group entails, so we know how to always maintain an element of fun for all.

Benefits of Our Football Classes

We have an inclusive approach for players of all ages and abilities who join our classes, whether it’s our football classes for toddlers in Carlisle or any of our other classes across the UK.

With this in mind, our sports coaching helps kids learn football and life skills in many different ways while having fun. The sports classes are designed to teach them the fundamentals of the sport while also benefitting them in other aspects of life.

Meeting other children in this fun and safe environment at such a young age helps toddlers and kids make friends and develop confidence, proper communication skills and social skills.

Through sports activities, kids also learn the benefits of being a team player and playing fair. 

Each football training session promotes cooperation, togetherness, inclusivity, respect for the opponents, and a friendly atmosphere for all the girls and boys in our classes.

For kids soccer in Carlisle taught by professional football coaches, experienced ex-footballers, and qualified primary teachers in the UK, Soccer Stars Academy Carlisle is the way to go.

Our sports coaching is delivered by experienced, professional coaches who understand how children learn. This is front of mind when we introduce the little ones to football and physical sports as a whole, making sure that they are always having fun, without the competitive nature of traditional football clubs for kids.

When you sign up for our classes, you will see firsthand how our coaches teach, support, and motivate the young players as they learn and grow their skills each week. 

Our sports coaching sessions develop various football skills, from the basics to more advanced ball mastery. Some of these techniques and skills include dribbling evasively, shooting in various ways, and passing the ball accurately in a specific direction.

Our football club coaches kids on these fundamentals so they can learn to control the ball and make on-the-spot decisions. Once the children have the fundamental techniques down, they will bring their unique personalities and play styles to their games.

Each kids’ football training class hosts a maximum of 16 kids. By keeping the classes small, our coaches can give individual attention to each child. This allows them to assess each player’s skills & strengths and help them develop them more.

Our kids’ football teams in Carlisle are planned and run by experienced football coaches that provide informative, fun, and goal-oriented classes. We do this in a positive, friendly, and pressure-free environment, ensuring that our young players have the best time as they grow their skills.

Football can play a huge role in physical education for your children. Playing football each week will improve their body’s ability to respond to challenging activities & physical movements and discover how extra effort can improve their athletic performance over time. It also aids in physical growth, coordination, strength, and social interaction with others. 

Parents of our Soccer Stars Academy Carlisle players can rest assured that we provide safe and adequate football training & education to prevent sports injuries.


Our classes develop ball skills while always teaching the importance of fair play and team spirit. Children learn motor skills and how to work with others synergistically in a team by participating in a class that involves a group effort once a week.

By giving your child the opportunity to participate in sports like football, they will be able to increase their focus, discipline, agility, and stamina. We implement basic and realistic goals and work towards achieving them gradually and in the long term without adding any pressure. This helps the children reach milestones on the field and sets a foundation to grow in other areas of their lives by teaching essential transferrable skills & abilities.

Soccer Stars Academy Football
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Soccer Stars Academy Football
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Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
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Encouraging Development

Sign Up for Our Kids Sports Clubs in Carlisle

Sign your child up for fun and cost-effective weekly football sessions at one of our classes in 3 easy steps! We have several SSA club venues in Carlisle, including Currock and Yewdale. Along with our term time kids’ football classes in Carlisle, football lessons and events such as soccer camps are also hosted during the summer months and holidays.

Finding fun & inclusive football classes for kids in the UK has never been this simple!

Signing up is easy. Book our kids' football classes in 3 quick steps.

Football Clubs For Kids

Step 1 Find a venue

We offer kids football training across Carlisle. To find a venue in your area, click on the location nearest to you.

Football Clubs For Kids

Step 2 Pick a class

Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Football Clubs For Kids

Step 3 Sign up

Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks at £29 per block. Sign-up here.

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