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Children & Toddler Football Classes in Edinburgh

Soccer Stars Academy Edinburgh is a football academy that offers fun kids and toddler football in Edinburgh for all ages and skill levels.

Our football training classes for toddlers and children in Edinburgh are focused on four main age groups with fun, physical literacy, health, and countless benefits in mind.

We have a team of experienced, professionally trained coaches and teachers who are ready and excited to get your child moving and learning some great sports skills!

A Fun & Structured Programme

Our sports academy believes in and is centred around FRIENDS, an acronym we use to model our class structure:

  • F – Fun
  • R – Rewarding
  • I – Inclusive
  • E – Energetic
  • N – Nurturing
  • D – Develops confidence
  • S – Skills progression


Our Edinburgh team is made up of coaches that are qualified and extremely passionate about what they do  to ensure maximum benefits for each of our little football stars.

Kids Football Training

Soccer Stars Academy: Edinburgh Locations

We currently have venues close to the centre of the city, as well as in the west and north Edinburgh areas. You can also find Soccer Stars Academy classes all across Scotland and North England.

With branches all across Scotland and beyond, there is a Soccer Stars Academy waiting for you to join!

Soccer Stars Academy Muirhouse

Address: Craigroyston Primary School, Muirhouse Place West, Muirhouse, Edinburgh

Postcode: EH4 4PX

Phone Number: 07860805666

Soccer Stars Academy Portobello

Address: Portobello High School, 1 Milton Road, Portobello

Postcode: EH15 3BY

Phone Number: 07860805666

Soccer Stars Academy Sighthill

Address: St Augustine’s High School, Broomhouse Road Edinburgh

Postcode: EH12 9AE

Phone Number: 07860805666

Soccer Stars Academy Liberton

Address: Liberton High School, 328 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh, EH17 7PT

Postcode: EH17 7PT

Phone Number: 07860805666

Soccer Stars Academy Duddingston

Address: St. John’s Primary School, 18 Duddingston Road, Edinburgh

Postcode: EH15 1QH

Phone Number: 07860805666

Kids Football for All Ages & Levels

Our classes are specifically designed with the different age groups in mind. We understand that children have different needs in their various groups and that each group has their own range of abilities and capabilities.

There are also learning curves and skills that are more important in one age group than in the next. By removing the pressure of intensive competition, especially in our younger groups, we allow learning to flow more naturally. This is why our philosophy of putting our little soccer stars into groups that are age-appropriate creates an environment that allows each child to flourish in their age group.

Classes are open for all boys and girls and we are ready to welcome your children to an environment full of fun and sport that will soon become the highlight of their week. Our classes and clubs are all-inclusive and are for all levels of sports expertise — from toddlers all the way to 9 years old.

Benefits of Our Football Classes for Toddlers, Edinburgh

Whether your child is under 2 years old getting ready to start pre-school or older than 5 years old and in need of a safe space to advance their social skills, there is a multitude of benefits that they can reap from our football clubs, holiday camps, and birthday parties.

Get your young ones to love sports as we coach them into little football stars. Our football classes have seen thousands of children of all ages learn and develop their social and physical abilities while making new friends and having tons of fun along the way.

The kids learn the benefits of being a team player with small-group coaching and learn how to play fair. Each football training session promotes co-operation, togetherness, respect for the opponents and a friendly atmosphere with plenty of teamwork.

Social Confidence

At Soccer Stars Academy Edinburgh, your child will learn age-appropriate life lessons and increase their social skills.

Our coaching team in Edinburgh — and across the country — focuses on making sure your children learn the benefits of working together with other learners. With our small group coaching philosophy, your child will learn what it takes to play football in a group setting and make friends along the way.

The football training sessions at Soccer Stars Academy Edinburgh have been created by professionals with children in mind. Each 45-minute session involves paired activities, ball work and match situations.

Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team is professionally trained and are passionate about helping children learn through soccer. Let our coaches support your child as they learn to master new skills in a fun environment at our kids’ football academy in Edinburgh.

Supportive Coaching Environment

Our coaches are ready to give your young ones the support they need. Your little ones will see improvement over time and soon be playing football alongside their buddies in an organised manner with plenty of teamwork and field agility.

Our football club coaches kids how to control the ball, make on-the-spot decisions, trust their judgement, and see their decisions through alongside their teammates.

Playing their Best Game

Our soccer classes for kids will introduce your child to a variety of football skills that are needed to play their best games.

Some of these skills include dribbling evasively, performing various kicking techniques, basic mastery over the ball, kicking the ball in a specific direction, and running with direction.

Practice sessions are held in a limited-number group environment so coaches and trainers can pay plenty of individual attention to each child in the classes with special attention given to social and physical literacy.

Small Classes for Small-Group Coaching

Each class is restricted to a maximum of 16 kids. This way, our soccer coach is able to give individual attention to each child. We assess every player’s strengths and attributes and work with them to get them where they want to be. Parents will see the confidence of their children grow before their eyes.

As there is a limited number to each class at our Edinburgh football academy, each child is guaranteed to walk away from each session with new skills and new friends.

Our football clubs are certainly in a class of their own.

Sports help kids to learn and understand what their body is capable of and how extra effort can improve performance.

They will also improve their body’s ability to respond to specific activities and physical movements. Basic skills such as walking, running and kicking become more involved as these general movements develop into dribbling, passing, and striking the ball.

Positive Activity & Movement

If you’re tired of having your girls and boys on their electronic devices all the time, then Soccer Stars Academy Edinburgh is the perfect space for you and your kids.

Get them moving and outside with plenty of games and physical education such as walking, running, and jumping. Our friendly environment is the ideal venue for young ones to thrive with some fresh air in their lungs and their bodies on the go.

This creates a positive association with physical exercise from a young age, which will help them well into their future as adults.

Our children’s football academy in Edinburgh will help develop sound ball skills while teaching the importance of abiding by the rules and fair play. Every child who participates in our sessions will walk away with new skills such as co-ordination, agility and overall improved movement.

Our activities are designed in a way that improves football ability in a way that is in line with the specific age groups — all in a safe and encouraging environment.

Light & Healthy Competition

Sports games are played to encourage focus and support of each other, as well as social competition. We ensure that children are made to feel confident and safe in this developmental space amongst peers and trainers alike, without the stresses of competitive football clubs.

There is no pressure to be the ultimate football player in our classes, so children can relax and unwind with their friends and peers while learning through play.

Soccer Stars Academy Football
Developing Social Skills
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Energetic & Fun
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Learn Through Football
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Building Confidence
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Teamwork
Soccer Stars Academy Football
Encouraging Development

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Our academy is unlike other sports clubs that are only open to previously sports-trained football players of a certain age. At Soccer Stars Academy Edinburgh, we will coach and help nurture the enthusiasm of any child that is interested in learning about the beautiful game.

So if you’re ready for your child to be part of an academy that can support their holistic growth through play, let’s get the ball rolling!

Signing up is easy. Book our kids football classes in three quick steps.

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We offer kids football training across Edinburgh. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you.

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Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

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Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks at £29 per block. Sign-up here.

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