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Looking for fun football lessons for children in Scotland, England or Wales? At Soccer Stars Academy’s football classes for kids aged 5 to 9 years, your child can learn a variety of footballing techniques in a safe environment and at their own pace.

If you want to reduce your children’s screen time by introducing them to sports, our coaching programmes are the answer. We do this with exercise that enhances motor skills, social development, balance, and movement — all in a friendly, sociable and non-competitive setting.

Soccer Stars Academy welcomes boys and girls from all around the country to learn the beautiful game without the pressure of league football clubs. If you are in Scotland or North England, choose from our many venues to find the best local club for your children.

Sign your little one up to our football classes for kids and let them learn the beautiful game through play.

Kids Football Training

Our Two Kids Age Groups: Shooting Stars & Super Stars

Our two children’s age groups focus on age-appropriate skills that complement our selection of exciting football activities and build on the abilities learnt in the previous groups.

Shooting Stars — 5 to 6 Years

The Shooting Stars classes are for kids between the ages of 5 years and 6 years old and are designed with developing football skills in mind. We aim to advance the basic football skills learned in the previous groups, such as shooting technique, dribbling, ball control, passing and tackling.

Our Shooting Stars are also introduced to our ‘Skills to Beat Players’ model, but we ensure that this is pressure-free and that they have fun, as this is essential to developing these techniques.

Super Stars — 7 to 9 Years

The Super Stars classes (kids aged 7 years, 8 years & 9 years) further develop the skills learned in the previous class.

The young players in this group have a chance to hone their mastery of the ball and are introduced to more complex skills to beat players.

With this being our oldest group, we also use these classes to start coaching the basics of strategy, positioning and tactics. This includes game awareness and spatial reactions.

Soccer Stars Academy offers football for kids at locations across the United Kingdom — Find your nearest venue today and get the ball rolling on your child’s football journey!

Level Up With Soccer Stars Academy Classes

Our classes are the ideal stepping stones on the path to developing your child’s football skills.

Our focus is on teaching advanced football techniques that perfectly set children up for our invitation-only ‘Soccer Stars Academy’ classes. These classes have been developed in collaboration with passionate academy coaches throughout the UK.

Benefits of our Football Training for Children

All of our kids soccer clubs around the country are designed to help your child grow on and off the field by developing their skills in football and beyond through games and teamwork.

Our weekly classes are great fun for all while also offering a number of crucial benefits when it comes to using sports to aid your child’s all-around development. From week to week, you will see your child progress in various areas on and off the field:

Our weekly sessions are a terrific way for children to make friends outside of school. The children at Soccer Stars Academy learn the benefits of being a team player and learn how to play fair — both of which are lessons for the football field and for school.

We ensure that each training session promotes cooperation, togetherness, respect for the opponents, team spirit, and an overall friendly atmosphere.

All of the football sessions at Soccer Stars Academy have been created with children in mind. We have curated a curriculum that involves paired activities, ball work, game situations, and more so that your child can feel confident and prepared.

Enthusiastic kids football Coaches

We believe that interactive coaching is an important aspect when you teach children any sport. That’s why all of our sessions are taught by a skilled coach with a passion for kids soccer.

Each coach helps the children in our classes to grow their talents and confidence within a team and as an individual.

Our coaching sessions develop a variety of football skills and techniques. Some of these include dribbling evasively, performing various types of kicks, basic ball mastery, and kicking the ball accurately in a specific direction.

Using fun and interactive games, the coaches at Soccer Stars Academy teach kids how to control the ball effortlessly and make on-the-spot decisions with confidence.

Each training class is restricted to a maximum of 16 children.

This way, our coaches can give individual attention to each child. This allows them to assess each player’s strengths and work on them week after week to develop them even further.

With our weekly sessions, the children begin to understand what their body is capable of and how extra effort can improve athletic performance. They also improve their body’s ability to respond to specific activities and physical movements.

Our football coaching classes help to develop sound ball skills while also teaching the importance of fair play and abiding by the rules.

Exciting Summer & Easter Football Camps for Kids

We invite young boys and girls to participate in our thrilling Soccer Stars Academy Summer and Easter football camps.

Our holiday football camps keep 4 to 9 year olds happy and motivated as they are taught the beautiful game by our great coaches.

The Key to a Fulfilling Holiday

During the summer break, we want to make sure that the children continue to learn outside of school while being active and having fun with their friends and teammates. 

Our holiday football camps, hosted by experienced coaches, are created to help youngsters improve their football abilities, self-confidence, social skills, and fitness in a welcoming, safe, and high-energy atmosphere.

At the end of the camp, each participant will also get a medal and certificate in recognition of their efforts and enthusiasm.

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