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Fun Football for Toddlers & Kids in North Lanarkshire

Soccer Stars Academy North Lanarkshire provides a fun programme for your children to develop their football skills while gaining important social, motor and cognitive skills. Your little ones will also gain confidence in their abilities and make new friends, all while having fun.

Every week, our passionate coaching staff run fun, pressure-free football classes for kids in North Lanarkshire that are designed especially for children aged 18 months to 9 years old.

Our experienced & qualified coaches are either former professional footballers, physical education teachers, or primary teachers and are suitably qualified to ensure your child receives positive coaching. 

Let your child learn through play in a friendly, fun and uncompetitive environment by signing up for weekly football classes for kids in North Lanarkshire today with Soccer Stars Academy!

Kids Football Training

A Fun Programme For All

We focus on pressure-free classes so your little one can genuinely enjoy their experience.

Boys and girls between 18 months and 9 years old are welcome to join our exciting kids football training classes. There are four classes available, each catering to a different age group.

Sign up with Soccer Stars Academy North Lanarkshire today for fun & friendly football for kids

Soccer Stars Academy North Lanarkshire: Locations

Soccer Stars Academy Airdrie

Address: Chapelhall/St Aloysius Primary, 1 Honeywell Crescent, Chapelhall, Airdrie Airdrie

Postcode: ML6 8XW

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Coatbridge

Address: Coatbridge High School 17 Park Street Coatbridge

Postcode: G69 7RS

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Cumbernauld

Address: Greenfaulds HS Auchenkilns Road., Cumbernauld Cumbernauld

Postcode: G67 4AQ

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Airdrie North

Address: Clarkston Primary School, 2 Findhorn Place, Airdrie

Postcode: ML6 7HE

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Ravenscraig

Address: Ravenscraig Sports Centre, 1 O’Donnell Way, Motherwell

Postcode: ML1 2TZ

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Motherwell

Address: Forgewood Community Centre 49 Dinmont Crescent Motherwell

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Wishaw

Address: Wishaw Academy/St Ignatius Primary, Loch Park, Wishaw Wishaw

Postcode: ML2 7EB

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Holytown

Address: Keir Hardie Sports Centre, Main Street, Holytown Holytown Indoors

Postcode: ML1 4TP

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Soccer Stars Academy Chryston

Address: Chryston High School, Lindsaybeg Road, Chryston, Glasgow

Postcode: G69 9DL

Phone Number: 0141 319 5731

Weekly Football Classes for Kids

Each Soccer Stars Academy football club is tailored to specific age groups to ensure age-appropriate coaching in a fun and interactive setting.

Benefits of Our Football Classes

Our classes offer a fun programme for your child and teach them valuable skills that will improve their game and help them develop on various skills that are useful on and off the football pitch.

The games we have designed for our weekly classes teach kids the benefits of being a team player and how to play fair while also promoting cooperation, togetherness, respect for their opponents and a friendly atmosphere. 

They also teach kids that sports can be fun.

As a leading kids football academy in Scotland and the UK, the football training sessions at Soccer Stars Academy have been carefully created with children in mind by experienced coaches who understand the unique needs of children.

Sessions are 45 minutes each and consist of activities that focus on ball work and in-game situations.

Qualified Coaches & Staff

Nationwide, the coaches at Soccer Stars Academy are knowledgeable, qualified, and well-versed in kids soccer. North Lanarkshire clubs are certainly no different.

Under the watchful eye of our coaching staff, kids master various shooting, ball control, passing, dribbling and tackling techniques. They also teach more complex skills that are vital for football and sports development in general.

As with all toddler and kids football clubs, our North Lanarkshire academies teach your children to make quick decisions and effectively control the ball.

Your child can learn several football skills through our coaching sessions, including how to dribble evasively, perform different kinds of kicks, and kick the ball accurately in a specific direction.

Each training session at our football club is restricted to a maximum of 16 children. This way, every player’s strengths and skills can be assessed individually and our coaches can work with them to further develop their skills.

This approach ensures that your child gets the guidance they need to become a good player.

Through our classes, children will come to understand what their body is capable of and how extra effort can improve athletic performance. They will also improve their body’s response to specific sporting activities and physical movements.

Whether at the toddler stage or thereafter, each class has been well thought out to cater to your child’s abilities and skills at that stage of their life.

Our classes help to develop sound ball skills while teaching your child valuable sports concepts, like the importance of abiding by the rules and fair play.

As far as toddler and kids sports clubs in North Lanarkshire go, Soccer Stars Academy is certainly one of the best, if not the best, for your little soccer star.

Bring On The Birthday Fun

Soccer Stars Academy offers a fun space for weekly kids and toddler football in North Lanarkshire. But did you know we also do parties and events?

Your little one will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with a game of two halves, including football-themed activities & games and a mini tournament. Everyone will get stickers and certificates to commemorate the special day, while the birthday girl or boy will also receive a team captain’s armband to make them feel extra special.

Venues are entirely up to the parents, allowing you to make the day as unique as possible.

If you have any questions or special requests for our football-themed birthday parties and events, please contact us on 0141 319 5731 or at

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Sign Up For Our Kids Football Classes, North Lanarkshire

As the fastest growing kids and toddler football academy in Scotland, our coaches have dedicated themselves to providing classes that children enjoy.

Here at Soccer Stars Academy North Lanarkshire, we believe in offering fun and valuable training in first-class venues that are well-equipped.

Rest assured that this is the best academy for your little aspiring footballer.

Signing up is easy. Book our kids football classes in three quick steps.

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We offer kids football training across North Lanarkshire. To find a venue click on the location nearest to you.

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Our weekly football classes are organised every weekend and certain mid week days. Each session goes on for 45 minutes. Pick from four convenient time-slots starting 9:00 am.

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Our football classes are booked in 4-week blocks at £29 per block. Sign-up here.

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