Owning an SSA franchise

Aberdeenshire, Ayrshire and North Yorkshire

Laura and Thomas Waters

I was absolutely delighted when Mark and Siobhan decided to Franchise Soccer Stars Academy in 2021. I taught with Mark for almost 10 years and we would often chat about Soccer Stars Academy. I remember when Mark first told me of his plans and I was so excited for him and Siobhan. He spoke about Louie lacking in confidence and that there were not many opportunities for him to attend any clubs prior to starting nursery in his area. Siobhan encouraged Mark to start his football classes and it was exciting to hear of the regular updates about their classes and the number of children coming along and the impact they were having on young people’s lives. I remember going to see the classes back in late 2017 and Mark asking if I would like to come on board as a coach. Shortly after this I had a serious injury that prevented me from being able to join the team. Mark and I kept in regular contact when he left teaching and I loved hearing and seeing Soccer Stars Academy grow and develop along the way. There was no doubt in my mind when Mark first spoke of their plans to Franchise that I was not going to do this. I knew it was something that I was going to do, I jumped at the opportunity and I just needed to decide on an area!! I opted for 2 half territories and my first classes started in one of those half territories in May 2021. In January 2022 I asked my brother if he would be keen to join me and was delighted when he did. Our second half territory classes started in March 2022 and we even opted for another full territory down South with our classes starting in September 2022. 
We are passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of young people and enjoy seeing young people develop not only their football skills but also their social, emotional and mental wellbeing and the classes that are developed and designed at Soccer Stars Academy allow this to happen in a pressure free and fun environment. We have both played football since we were toddlers and taking part in a number of other sports. We truly believe that the impact sport had on us from a young age has helped to shape us into who we have become as adults and we have a drive in us to provide as many young people as we can with the same experiences that we had. 
Mark and Siobhan have built an amazing company and the children are at the forefront of everything they choose to do to develop further. We absolutely love being part of Soccer Stars Academy. The team that they have at head office are supportive, approachable, friendly and helpful at all times and the network of other Franchise owners are brilliant. We have regular contact with all members of Soccer Stars Academy and it genuinely feels like one big family working together to achieve the best outcomes for young people. 
We would strongly encourage anyone who is considering a Franchise to jump at the chance to join Soccer Stars Academy. You will not regret it.