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Take your game to the Tek Level with Soccer Stars Academy

Soccer Stars Academy is launching a new, state of the art, technology led coaching service.  Using the same technology and science backed methods that professional football clubs use, combined with Soccer Stars’ unique, no-pressure coaching style, we can now offer the ultimate coaching experience for all players.

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Individual Coaching in Group Settings

By using the latest in wearable technology, video analysis and innovative digital training tools, Soccer Stars Academy is out to help our players become the best they can be.  Our combination of technologies used by some of the top professional clubs in the UK allows us to help players to develop ball mastery and functional movement by giving detailed, accurate feedback that is specific to each individual.

Our Tek Level Coaching technology includes:

  • PlayerTek: a revolutionary GPS player tracking system used by teams including Celtic and Liverpool. PlayerTek analyses and improves the performance of teams and individual players.

We combine this technology with carefully designed training sessions and years of coaching experience.

Tek level

Digital Feedback for a Digital Age

The easy-to-understand graphics, reports and video examples will help illustrate information in ways that even our youngest Tek Level players can understand.  Combining our extensive youth coaching experience with these innovative technologies allows Soccer Stars Academy to offer something special to our players, and new insights for parents and carers.  We can show improvement and development and explain strategies and targets to players and their families in ways that everyone can understand.

By taking advantage of the Beautiful Game’s latest technologies, Soccer Stars Academy is ready to help you take your game to the Tek Level…

Objective Performance Feedback

With Tek Level feedback is objective and based on the data received with GPS tracking, video and equipment feedback.

The data gathered from our GPS performance tracking tools provides players and coaches with important information including:

  • Distance covered in whole session
  • Distance covered at different intervals
  • Top speed
  • Sprint distance
  • Power impacts

This instant feedback helps coaches to focus on the requirements of specific players, and to provide better individually tailored training for superior development.  It also helps coaches to structure future training sessions to keep their players motivated and engaged.

After Tek Level training sessions, both players and parents will receive GPS reports and player tracking data to help identify where development is needed.  This session-by-session feedback is also a great way to show players how they are improving, if they cannot see the changes themselves.

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