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Toddler Football

Football Classes For Toddlers

This is the starter class in our performance pathway.

The Bright Stars programme is targeted at toddlers aged 3 to 4. We give your toddler a positive introduction to sport with our pressure-free, friendly and fun football coaching classes. At Soccer Stars Academy, we are focused on providing an environment where your tiny tots can develop their physical, cognitive and social skills in addition to improving literacy and numeracy through football.

Our toddler football classes feature a different theme each week. We mix a variety of fun, physical activities with an element of football. At Soccer Stars Academy, we aim to create a positive environment for children to build their physical fitness and mental agility. Our football classes hone a toddler’s motor skills through activities featuring a ball while building their confidence and self-esteem.

The Football Classes For Toddlers are designed with the philosophy of being FUN. In these classes, our aim is to develop basic football skills. However, we also aim to develop confidence and cognitive skills such as attention and memory. This is achieved by using a range of exciting football related games and activities. Each week we also have a theme to develop kids’ imagination.

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Football Classes For Toddlers

Benefits of Our Football Classes For Toddlers

Our football classes for toddlers support your toddler’s overall physical development while helping him/her develop his cognitive skills. Our classes are run by the owner Mark Molloy who has professional football experience.

We show children how to train in a safe and responsible manner. Our toddler football classes will create a feeling that physical activity is healthy.

At Soccer Stars Academy, toddlers socialise with other children of their age. They learn to cooperate and share, and to perform their tasks creatively. Girls, as well as boys, are a part of these toddler football classes.

Our football classes will help to develop sound ball skills while teaching the importance of abiding by the rules and fair play.

We consider each toddler’s needs and their progress all the while celebrating their achievements and helping them overcome areas that they might find challenging.

Our activities are enjoyable and fun, and aimed at introducing toddlers to the concept of participating in organised physical activity.

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Booking our toddler football classes is easy. You can sign up in three easy steps.

Football Classes For Toddlers

Step 1 Find a venue

We currently operate in Coatbridge, Airdrie and Wishaw. Our classes are conveniently close to Bellshill, Motherwell and Cumbernauld.

Toddler Football

Step 2 Pick a class

Our weekly classes are held every Saturday. Each class goes on for 45 minutes. Choose from four time-slots starting 9:00 am.

Football Classes For Toddlers

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Classes are booked in 4-week blocks at £20 per block. Sign-up here.

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